The old Juliette factory was said to be haunted.

Over the years, many workers claimed to have seen visions of strange things. Odd noises, apparitions walking the halls, movement in shadowy corners. On the ten year anniversary of its construction, Theonus Lackey climbed to the top of the roof and threw himself off. He landed on the train tracks below.

Speculation ran wild over his death, but one thing everyone agree on; the factory drove him insane. A week later it shut its doors.

Fifty years after, Julie, a forensic scientist, returned to the factory to investigate her father’s suicide. She discovered the enamel used on the floors was the culprit. Exposed to the right temperature and humidity, it would emit a hallucinogenic vapor, which mimicked LSD.

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  1. DWR Ball
    DWR Ball says:

    Interesting concept. Not really any real ghosts or ghouls, but a chemical induced horror. Could be stretched out into a longer tale where Julie begins to go mad the further she investigates still not knowing the cause and blaming the old factory?


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