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The Charm Bracelet – A Cyborg Story

So while working on my current novel, Samuel Peralta got a hold of me and asked if I wanted to contribute a story for his upcoming short story anthology, The Cyborg Chronicles. I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

Sam is a compelling author that I’ve known for the past year or so. He’s also the series producer for the Chronicles (check out the Facebook group), a series of short, speculative fiction. He surrounds himself with excellent talent and produces excellent anthologies. This means that somehow I’ve managed to fly under the radar for now…

Anyway, as I thought of a worthy cyborg story, I began to wonder if there’s room in my American Robot (AR) Universe for cyborgs.

I’d say most definitely.

The story that I’m planning is going to challenge my concepts of AR. It’s going to push me even further in what I envision: a world where androids are an everyday occurrence but are revered like gods. It’ll provide fertile ground for me to continue to develop. I’m excited for the story. Now I just need to write it…

So in The Charm Bracelet (I reserve the right to change the title) you’re going to hear of something called “BattleSat” and learn about “nail guns.” You’re also going to find out more about Dynamo Robotics, Dynamo’s EMTs, and their never-ending quest for salvage bodies. And you’re going to read of one man that has lost everything, except for his memories of what he once was.