Invariable Man – A cover in transition

I thought I would do a blog on the cover for my new novel, Invariable Man. Here is the final print cover:

The central image is to represent a falling man. It’s not a demon… or an angel. Think more along the lines of Icarus. The lines throughout the body represent technology. And they’re red because I like red on black (you can tell by looking at my other covers). 

I accidentally discovered the interlocking of the legs through the word ‘Invariable.’ I had my vector images in Inkscape (an excellent FREE vector image program) messing around trying to figure out a cover concept. So I moved my falling man vector over the word and thought if I could make it appear that the man is twisted in the words. To my surprise, I actually did it.

 When I imported the images in Photoshop for final composition, I added a drop shadow to the man to heighten the illusion of him caught in the words. Well, that’s enough about this for now, I’ll talk more about this cover later.

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