A Font Refresh for The Invariable Man Short Story

TheInvariableMan_SSI recently finished a font refresh of my short story cover for The Invariable Man. The previous cover had three different fonts (I think at least three), and the title was an awful yellow. I’m not sure what I was thinking…

This redo uses two weights of Bahn Pro (Regular and Light). I applied a texture to the letters and some drop shadow for some added depth. It’s simple and to the point, and with the awesome artwork of Michal Jelinek as the background, I think it comes together good. The story is only .99 cents, and if you’d like to check it out on Amazon, hit the button below.

Invariable Man – A cover in transition

I thought I would do a blog on the cover for my new novel, Invariable Man. Here is the final print cover:

The central image is to represent a falling man. It’s not a demon… or an angel. Think more along the lines of Icarus. The lines throughout the body represent technology. And they’re red because I like red on black (you can tell by looking at my other covers). 

I accidentally discovered the interlocking of the legs through the word ‘Invariable.’ I had my vector images in Inkscape (an excellent FREE vector image program) messing around trying to figure out a cover concept. So I moved my falling man vector over the word and thought if I could make it appear that the man is twisted in the words. To my surprise, I actually did it.

 When I imported the images in Photoshop for final composition, I added a drop shadow to the man to heighten the illusion of him caught in the words. Well, that’s enough about this for now, I’ll talk more about this cover later.