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Jericho: The series that ended too soon

Did you ever watch the short-lived TV series Jericho? It lasted for one season way back in 2006. Due to the cult following a shorter season was created a little later to tie up the loose ends. Jericho was a small town in Kansas, and the residents were coming to grips with several American cities razed by […]

What’s Your Personal Monster?

Everyone has been scared by their own personal monster. What’s yours?

A Font Refresh for The Invariable Man Short Story

I recently finished a font refresh of my short story cover for The Invariable Man. The previous cover had three different fonts (I think at least three), and the title was an awful yellow. I’m not sure what I was thinking… This redo uses two weights of Bahn Pro (Regular and Light). I applied a […]

Typography in Acme’s Menagerie

Where I talk about some of the special typographic formatting I used for Acme’s Menagerie.

The Charm Bracelet – A Cyborg Story

So while working on my current novel, Samuel Peralta got a hold of me and asked if I wanted to contribute a story for his upcoming short story anthology, The Cyborg Chronicles. I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. Sam is a compelling author that I’ve known for the past year or so. He’s also the series producer […]

Invariable Man – A cover in transition

I thought I would do a blog on the cover for my new novel, Invariable Man. Here is the final print cover: The central image is to represent a falling man. It’s not a demon… or an angel. Think more along the lines of Icarus. The lines throughout the body represent technology. And they’re red […]