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The Visitant Review

As an exit counselor, Katherine Purnell has encountered her share of conspiracy theories. Whether it be chemtrails, QAnon, or Mass Formation Psychosis, she is adept at identifying disinformation and freeing her clients from their paranoid delusions.

Pop Kult Warlord Review

PLAY TO WIN! FIGHT TO SURVIVE! PerfectQuestion is back! He's running and gunning his way across an incredible civilization-building game set on Mars.

Shorty: A Mech Warrior’s Tale

Bravery isn’t built. It’s forged.

Surprised Dead Tree

In the spring of ’43 Terry found Surprised Dead Tree just outside of Pine Town.

Night of the Bunnyman

In the deepest heart of rural Kentucky, there is a community of “plain people” even more separatist and reclusive than the mainstream Amish. They are the Amish of the Amish—the Rebel Amish—and they hide a murderous secret disguised as a myth.

Terrors of Pangaea

What do you do when you reach the end of all times?

The Cordova Vector

Ctrl Alt Revolt!

The Christmas Jackalope

No one knows when the Christmas Jackalope tradition began.

The Old Juliette Factory

The old Juliette factory was said to be haunted. #flashfiction

Assignment Darklanding

A frontier world. One Sheriff. And all the action one Spaceport can't hold. Darklanding is the wild, wild west of known space.

Headbanger’s Ball

I reflect on some of my '80s music choices.