Tango Desolado

Pablo Neruda’s Veinte Poemas de Amor y Una Canción Desesperada defined the heights of love and the depths of loss for generations of lovers, readers, and poets.

Tango Desolado is Samuel Peralta’s own canción desesperada, his song of despair, coming on the heels of this award-winning author’s book of love poems, How More Beautiful You Are.

In this collection, Peralta engages the reader in stories of loss – of love unrealized, unrequited, bereft – weaving hope, melancholy, and sorrow into a tapestry of emotion.

Poignant and intense, Tango Desolado is an extraordinary record of longing, one that will linger in the heart after its last words are read.





Where do you start to describe Samuel’s work? Poetry? Flash fiction? A song well sung? A desperate cry of love? I’d say all these.

Samuel takes the mundane and transforms them through verse into magic. Twitter and dinosaur DNA (yeah I know, right) are two examples that you would never expect to be in a love poem, but he has placed them there, and you will view them differently when finished reading. Each word in each verse in Tango is full of vivid imagery and fits perfectly. They’re sad, longing, with glimmers of hope sprinkled throughout. His poems are epic tales told through limited stanza, and anyone who has written knows only a master of the craft can accomplish that. Samuel does it with ease.

Even though I don’t know an iambic from a pentameter, I can sit and read and enjoy his poetry. His work is accessible; you don’t need a high degree in literature to enjoy these poems. So give it a try, even if you’re not a fan of poetry. You might be surprised. I know I was.

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