Diatomic Quantum Flop

Sure, the experience of the trip is euphoric, but what if you actually broke through the doors of perception? When four colleges friends are promised a psychedelic adventure that mirrors the Tibetan Kalachakra Time Travel Tantra, they discover the transcendental cost of tapping the wheel of time.



My Review

Time travel is really just a bad trip…

So I sat down and read Daniel Smith’s contribution to an anthology of time travel stories. Here’s what I think after having finished:

Growing up, everyone had that one friend that always wanted to push the envelope. They were the ones that wanted to cross the line of legality, the ones that would probably end up on an episode of COPS. Well, for this college group, it’s Marty. He introduces his friends to a funky way to time travel.

If the Beatles put the Magical Mystery Tour into a short story, it would be DQF. Daniel’s story is freaky, existential, like replaying a moment of Deja vu captured on VCR (yes, I used VCR). If you want to enjoy a trip without all the drugs, then check out Daniel’s story. I give it five groovy stars.


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