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Thoughts as Water : The Valley of Misery

An overwhelming alien invasion has broken earth’s last human encampment. The few ragged survivors flee into the mountains. But the strange aliens have a horrible secret: they can see the thought-trails the humans leave behind. And now the aliens follow these same trails into the mountainside forest to hunt—and feed—on their human prey.

This story is about one alien tracker, thirsty for human thoughts, chasing one man.

Second Invasion: Attack on the Alamo City

 The first alien invasion met with a watery defeat. The second invasion is more precise with the alien rift appearing directly above San Antonio, Texas. And that’s where man’s battle against extinction begins.

Trisha takes her two sons to the Riverwalk for a fun-filled day, a getaway to distract her from dwelling on her estranged husband. But her split family finds themselves at the forefront of the alien invasion.

The invading, hungry aliens wield a devastating weapon. They can see and smell human thoughts. And they crave human thoughts to fill their insatiable appetite.

This is the second exciting story written in the Alien Invader series of short stories. The first, Thoughts as Water, is a stand-alone story in this universe of terrifying aliens.

25 Bombs Fell: The Complete Series


Nathaniel Bowen’s business trip is interrupted by the end of the world.

He escapes the blitzkrieg in a small Georgia town, in a Cold War-era fallout shelter. But as he soon realizes, being trapped in an underground tomb with strangers isn’t always a safe alternative. They bring their own bombs; fears, prejudices, and hatreds.

Nate struggles to keep his sanity amid the hot and claustrophobia, but cannot hide in obscurity for long. He unwittingly proves pivotal in establishing a leader as well as becoming a key member of the new regime.

When the group is forced to evacuate the safety of the shelter, what they find outside in the destroyed town and nation is just as horrible as they imagine.

There are many more books!

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